Turnkey solutions for energy connection and photovoltaic panels.
We take care of the whole project from A to Z.

From the experience of industrial development of photovoltaic energy installations more than 23 MW, biomass greater than 15MW, wind energy greater than 220MW; and based on a consolidated business experience, a company is born that will guide you in the best way to the future of energy. We need to connect to the concept of distributed energy and access to all energy.


Contribute to a better world for your child.
Help us reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.
Photovoltaic panels are the first step towards energy independence, a smart grid for your home to reduce your energy bill.


The main challenge for G.E.CO is to interconnect your household to an energy generation, distribution and use system that is: Accessible, Sustainable and Safe.

Solar energy is available to everyone.
G.E.CO has developed a project customized for your needs, optimized to use this energy for you, generating the electricity you need by installing a photovoltaic system in your home. G.E.CO projects will be the first step in turning your home into a smart one. The system will be ready to be implemented together with other energy sources (such as a generator or battery system) if you want to have a system that can support itself, without the need for other energy sources.
The interconnection with the National Electricity Network, if one does not opt for a battery system, will guarantee that the excess energy will be paid for by the network. G.E.CO can customize a battery system to be able to turn the house into a really smart one, getting rid of the worry of an electricity bill.


Reliability and quality are the best prerogatives for choosing one of our systems

A photovoltaic system directly and instantly converts solar energy into electricity without the need to use any fuel (oil, methane gas ...). This technology exploits the photovoltaic effect of semiconductors (silicon) that generate electricity if exposed to sunlight. The photovoltaic modules can be placed both on the roof of the house and on the roof of the garage, terrace or even directly on the land near the house. However, the location decision is made after a careful analysis of the available spaces (1 kWp = 7 sqm), their exposure, inclination and possible shadows that could prevent the operation at full capacity of the system. Its performance is closely linked to compliance with all the factors mentioned above. To these is added a correct location of the devices that make up the photovoltaic system (modules, inverter, control panels, etc.). Our experience is the concrete answer to these specific requirements. The useful life of a photovoltaic system is at least 25 years. Photovoltaic modules represent its heart (both functionally and economically) are covered by a guarantee - by law - of production, equal to 80% after 25 years operation.



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